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Renew Mama 6 Week Program

Barely enough time for yourself?
As a busy mother are you seeking some downtime, community and self-care?

Renew Mama is a 6-week restorative program that is designed for mamas who say YES to any of the above.

Based on Jon Kabat-Zinn’s 8-week course Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, which incorporates mindful yoga and meditation, as well as, tools to reduce stress, the Renew Mama program focuses specifically on motherhood and restoring oneself while raising babies and young children (between 1-5 years old).

Each week we will:

  • Practice restorative and mindful-based yoga.
  • Learn the basics of mindful meditation - this is especially developed with the mama in mind (as there is not a lot of time to sit and be still these days)
  • Share and listen in a group of other mothers with similar challenges and joys.
  • Have the opportunity to express our creative self in a myriad of ways, with no previous creative or artistic experience needed.
  • Learn new tools to help navigate parenting little ones with more ease.

Finally, there is a RETREAT DAY, designed for YOU and incorporated into the 6- week program.

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