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Welcome to the integrative practices of Erin Tanner Jospé.

This website offers information about my psychotherapy practice and Renew Mama Programs through the Rocky Mountain Center for Counseling and Stress Reduction. In addition, you may find yourself drawn to doing some life coaching with my horses and I or are interested in our equine children’s programs and camps. I invite you to learn more about Heart to Horses and the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.

While you are browsing check out Aware on the Air, an inspiring podcast project focused on interviewing leaders in the areas of mindfulness, parenting, natural horsemanship, non-profit work, health and wellness.

Visit my blog for insights and musings about life, tools for coping with stress, anxiety, parenting and grief, as well as, some of life’s other joys and challenges.

Please take some time to read the information below that explains both practices and how they might best meet your therapeutic needs.

Thank you and Blessings,

"There is something about the outside
of a horse that is good for the inside
of a human." ~ Winston Churchill

Are you seeking support and coaching during a challenging time?

Have you been curious about what is going on emotionally, physically and spiritually beneath the surface?

My healing horses and I work with women to help them live a soul-centered, wholehearted life so that they can let go of what burdens them and move forward with confidence and clarity.

We also work with children through the wonderful..
- Grooming through Grief Program, which supports children after the loss of a loved one.
- In addition, we are excited to offer the summer camp Horse Whispering for Kids, which combines natural horsemanship skills, with leadership exercises, creative expression, self-confidence and social/emotional skills.
Both equine programs are for children ages 9-14.

Find out if Equine Gestalt Coaching is for you or your children.


“You can’t stop the waves but you
can learn to surf.”
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Rocky Mountain Center for Counseling and Stress Reduction combines my work as a psychotherapist working with individuals and groups and the Renew Mama Restorative Wellness weekly classes and six-week program.

I work with women in the areas of grief/loss, postpartum wellness, reduction of stress, and anxiety and overwhelm. As a therapist, I support women to turn towards what is most challenging in their lives and meet those obstacles with the truth and wisdom that lies within.

Interested in how my style & approach might align with your therapeutic needs contact me for a 30-minute free consult.

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