Master the Saddle: Essential Tips for New Riders on Mounting Horses from the Left Side

Master the Saddle: Essential Tips for New Riders on Mounting Horses from the Left Side

  • The traditional practice of mounting horses from the left side and its origins.
  • Preparatory steps for both the horse and the rider to ensure a smooth mounting process.
  • Step-by-step guide for new riders on how to mount a horse from the left side correctly.
  • Common mistakes to avoid while mounting to ensure the safety of the rider and the horse.
  • Post-mounting tips to establish a good rapport with the horse and start the ride on a positive note.

Mounting a horse is one of the foundational skills that new riders must master to ensure both their safety and that of their horse. Historically, mounting horses from the left side has been the norm, and while there are various theories about this tradition, it is commonly accepted that it originated from the way soldiers would mount their horses while carrying a sword on the left. For modern riders, the practice continues largely due to convention and the training of horses to accept this method.

In learning how to master the saddle and achieve a proper mount, there are a set of tips for new riders on mounting horses from the left side that should be followed. This guide will cover essential steps and considerations that will help new riders to mount horses with confidence and ease.


Preparing to Mount

Before attempting to mount, ensure that you have completed all preparatory steps:

  • Check your equipment: Inspect the saddle, stirrups, and girth to ensure they are secure and properly adjusted.
  • Approach calmly: Approach your horse from the left side, speaking softly to communicate your presence.
  • Assess your horse’s mood: A horse that seems agitated or distracted may require more time to calm down before you attempt to mount.

Mounting Step-by-Step

Here is a concise guide for the actual mounting process:

  1. Gather the reins: Take the reins in your left hand without pulling too tightly, allowing you to communicate with your horse during the mount.
  2. Position: Stand beside your horse’s shoulder and face the back of the horse, preparing to lift your left foot into the stirrup.
  3. Foot in stirrup: Place your left foot in the stirrup while holding onto the saddle horn or mane with your left hand, if necessary.
  4. Balance check: Ensure you are properly balanced and not pulling the saddle to the left, which could discomfort your horse.
  5. Swing into saddle: Swiftly and smoothly swing your right leg over the horse’s back without kicking or hitting the horse in the process.
  6. Seat yourself gently: Lower yourself into the saddle gently to avoid startling or hurting the horse.
  7. Adjust your stirrups: Once mounted, take a moment to adjust your right stirrup and ensure you’re comfortable.

Common Mounting Mistakes to Avoid

  • Pulling on the saddle: Gripping or pulling the saddle too hard can cause it to shift, potentially spooking the horse.
  • Hurried movements: Quick or jerky movements can unsettle your horse; always mount with controlled and deliberate actions.
  • Ignoring the horse’s cues: Pay attention to the horse’s body language and responsiveness, which will tell you if they’re ready for you to mount.

Post-Mounting Tips

After successfully mounting from the left side, it’s important to establish good rapport with your horse to start the ride positively:

  • Remain calm: Stay calm and confident; horses can sense your emotions and will react accordingly.
  • Bonding time: Take a moment to pat your horse and offer reassuring words to create a bond and instill trust.
  • Begin with gentle commands: Start with simple, gentle commands to get your horse moving and accustomed to your weight and guidance.

By incorporating these tips for new riders on mounting horses from the left side into your practice, you will find that mastering the saddle becomes a more attainable and enjoyable process. Remember to be patient with both yourself and your horse, as proficiency in this skill takes time and repeated practice. Above all, prioritize the well-being and comfort of your horse, as this is the key to a harmonious and long-lasting riding partnership.

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